Information Day

The Energy Competence Center P.C. organised an Information Day, entitled: “The actions of the Energy Competence Center towards the Energy Transition”, on Friday, March 10, 2023, at the National Technical University of Athens.

Within the conference, current energy issues were presented, focusing on eight main pillars:

i) production and distribution of alternative fuels,

ii) evaluation of technologies and energy efficiency schemes in infrastructure, industry and transport,

iii) energy flows in smart cities,

iv) combined (“hybrid”) storage in batteries and hydrogen,

v) thermodynamic and rheological analysis of hydrogen injection systems in natural gas networks,

vi) assessment and minimization of the carbon footprint of specific types of ships when using alternative fuels,

vii) evaluation of sites for the installation of offshore wind farms,

viii) utilization of lignite power plants for the local needs of settlements, commerce and industry.

Our ISENSE Group of ICCS was represented by the researcher Dr. Evangelos Karfopoulos, who presented the SMARTCITIES study. As part of the SMARTCITIES study, the research team aims to develop a platform for the digital data of energy flows in smart cities, leveraging the capabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The event, which was crowned with success, was attended by representatives of the business, academic and research world, while main issues were highlighted such as the great contribution of research to the energy transition, the funding opportunities for the implementation of innovative ideas as well as the need for students and researchers’ training on energy issues.

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